Bag of Tricks: A Room Full of This

A little bit of music, a little bit of movies, a pich of animes and a few facts of life.

All this in this new selection from the Bag of Tricks.

And more…

So there was this Star Wars: Attack of the Clones review I was talking about last time. I had the whole of today to think about it and realised that everyone and his dog probably saw it already. But then, when did that ever stop me from making a fool of myself?

So is it good? In short, yes. It rocked, despite the blatant rip-off of the “Fifth Element” flying car chase, and despite the Barbara Cartlandesque romance. I usually don’t mind romance — not that much, anyway. But the romantic scenes of AoTC were riddled with clichés and so sweet I almost felt a diabetes attack…

Well, at least I got back some of the sense of wonder I epxerienced when I watched “A New Hope”, some 25 years ago. And the action, ahhh! OK, I’m being a bit Neanderthal here: “action rox, romance sux”… Sue me and bring on the popcorn!

Back home, I went on with the huge process of ripping my monstruous collection of CDs (over 600). I’ll probably need a larger HD for my laptop sooner or later (I use it as a mobile MP3 jukebox). I even managed to have a few titles the CDDB never heard about (local bands don’t count), such as The Flight Commander‘s A Room Full of This. Weird stuff, I grabbed it in a sales bin, but quite nice.

My otaku-chan girlfriend came with another truckload of anime DVDs. We’ve watched quite a few episodes of Vandread and the last disc of Pilot CandidatePilot Candidate is a weird item: there is a lot to dislike in the story (including idiotic character, terrible dub, badly-integrated CGIs and ludicrous costumes), but I can’t help but like it, sort of.

Vandread looks like a Nadesico clone, without the parodic humour; maybe is Nadesico a Vandread parody, but I doubt it. Lots of cliches as well, but interesting premises (misfits from an all-male civilisation end up on board an all-female pirate ship) and terrific space battles; also CGI, but very nicely done. I think I like that one, despite all its flaws.

This aside, after years of trying to get even a single point of karma, one of my comments on Slashdot rocketed to a perfect “5” in a couple of hours. Pretty pointless, I know, but Yay me nonetheless!..

Big question: will TNT deliver my Radeon 8500 today? Looks like it’s a big no…

Looks like I’ll be facing the mother of all storms on my way back from work. Just great.

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