Bag of Tricks: King Heinrich is dead!

He was a mean bastard, but down he went, him and his clique of skeleton warriors and bone witches. Which means I finished Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

When I bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW), I was expecting a nice FPS, with a few puzzles here and there. I got much more.

This game has gorgeous visuals (especially when you got a Radeon 8500 and TruForm activated; brag brag brag!). Decors are highly detailed, in-game characters are quite lifelike (game-rendered cut-scenes are a bit disappointing, tho), with nice special effects, to boot.

Lire plus

Bag of Tricks: Spiderman vs. Shelob

So there was a porcupine tree, frogs and princes, adventurers in Middle-Earth, Nazi Uebersoldaten and some nerd in a red and blue costume. Oh, and Mister Garibaldi, too.

Quite a packed week-end, I tell you!

Last week-end, I bought Stars Die, the latest from Porcupine Tree. “Latest” may not be the best way to describe it, as it’s a compilation of their early efforts. I don’t know how it compares to what they do now, as it’s the first Porcupine disc I get, but I kinda like it. Porcupine Tree can be labeled as progressive rock, the kind of music you never hear all the time on the Radio. The two-disc set packs a weird cross between early Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and Ozric Tentacles. Mostly instrumental, with some pieces over ten minutes. Gotta find some more!

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