Ninety degrees from everything else

No Bag of Tricks these days, I’m on holiday. So there. Instead, something a little more personal.

Have you ever felt like the complete antithesis to what is happening around you? I have. I hate it.

Saturday we were invited to a wedding. “We” being Otaku-chan (for those not following, that’s my fiancée), as it was her cousin’s wedding, and she dragged me along. The fact that she was the one invited and said “I know about nobody there” should have been a clue. More like an omen in fact.

Speaking of omens, it was a religious wedding — Catholic, to be precise. A few years ago, the mere idea of setting foot into a church would have me dread the moment. Now I’m working for religious people and I don’t mind. I was raised a Catholic but I haven’t attended service for the past fifteen years or so. Even then, I remembered most of the prayers, words, etc. Powerful memes, these! I can’t remember the few German I learned at about the same time but prayers popped into my head in an instant. Impressive. But strangely, it was okay.

The rest was not. Imagine being smack in the middle of a large room full of merry people, in front of a microscopic stage, with a guy playing the most consensual songs you can imagine on a Bontempi organ. To the credit of the musician, he was quite good. The songs he played were not. And loud. I could barely hear my fiancée, who was seated next to me.

I think I must be hyper-sensitive when it comes to music. There are a few songs I don’t mind, even fewer that I like, and a huge amount of things that get on my nerves really, really fast. This evening, I got all of them, and then some. Truth to tell, I almost cried from relief when — by pure chance, I suppose — he played a taped Irish dance (it was for a line dancing demo).

The worst part: everyone but me seemed to be enjoying themselves. Being in the center of the room didn’t help a bit. We eventually left before the cake; my fiancée didn’t feel too well either. We probably escaped such glorious standards of French entertainment as La Danse des Canards or La Chenille, which is good because I was about to propose jumping around the table, seated backwards on a chair, while singing in German.

I felt bad for her; she is the social type and seem to enjoy these kind of happenings. I felt bad for myself as well: I just don’t understand why I don’t get this “social fun” thing.

K5 being quite a haven for anti-social geeks, does anyone have an idea?

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